Carciumaru Petru - a very, very, very, very good general surgeon.

Almost all the Imago agency has been treated by him ... and appendicitis and "it hurts but nobody understands what". A surgeon who thinks in depth each case, who does not start to cut if it is not necessary. And in general - a mega man.



Olga Radu

In those moments of horror, when your loved ones are struggling between life and death ... comes HE, with charisma and vocation. He comes as a prophet and raises patients from the bed of death.

May God give you health!

Thank you for the saved lives !!!


Tamara Munteanu

Nearly 5 months of love and happiness!

It's a miracle in our lives and for that we thank God and the team In Vitro Fertilization Medpark.

Family Hangan

On behalf of the Discultu family, a great thank you to the Medpark team and especially to Mr. Maxim Calaras for professionalism, patience, sense of humor and simply because he is a wonderful man. Undoubtedly, Medpark is the right place to have a mother give birth to her child. I was very surprised at the services that this institution provided at its first visit. Thanks to the whole team for professionalism, courtesy and patience. Medpark is the place where the word "no" is rarely met, any kind of prayer we have been kindly met with. Salons clean and equipped with everything you need and make you feel like rest. Medpark is a medical institution with European standards that deserves appreciation. Thank you very much!


Tatian D.

Семья Максименюк благодарит администрацию клиники Medpark, а также врачей которые професионально произвели сложную операцию нашей дочери по исправлению сколиоза.

Являясь Свидетелеми Иеговы мы высоко ценим жизнь, а также библейские принципы, один из которых велит ”воздерживаться от крови”. Особенность этой операции в том, что она была произведена без использования крови как донорской крови, так и собственной. Благодаря этому не было никаких осложнений связанных с переливанием и после неё. Наша дочь быстро пошла на поправку не получив ни одного антибиотика после операции и на седьмой день была выписана.

Благодарим врачей – Кондрашева Дмитрия, Унгуряну Виктора, Балтага Руслан, Гузун Алена.


Семья Максименюк

Medpark's maternity was our choice. Having a strong team at the head with Ms. Natalia we had a wonderful little girl on October 3rd, we are deeply grateful for the care and attention you have given us. A team of 10 +


Cristina D.

I gave birth to a girl at doctor Natalia, thank you very much for being a lady with a big soul, I felt safe having you in those moments


Olesea B.

You are a wonderful team! Thank you very much for your care, responsibility, attitude towards your patients. Thank you very much for this little angel who came to the world with the help you made from your heart!



Nicoleta Ursu

Natalia Sclifos a 10th note specialist !!! She monitored my pregnancy for 9 months, then with her on October 9 came the world of the 2 little girl, I never regretted that I chose MedPark !!! Congratulations to the fresh mummy !!!


Silvia I.

Thank you very much to the Medpark hospital, to all the staff, especially Natalia Sclifos. The best hospital, doctors and service. Thanks everybody!!!


Natalia T.